BlendKit 2015, Week 2

After reviewing the material for week 2,  I’m intrigued about the opportunity to deepen the learner’s experience. I’m interested in the concept of the carefully planned course which covers the bases while facilitating content exploration and self-directed learning. I think this is a powerful way to improve engagement and retention. I struggle with the challenge of empowering students who seek step by step direction and, having (perhaps) completed the final task, exit without further thought. I’m searching for techniques to transfer from this instructor-directed approach to a learner-centric, self-motivating experience.

One approach has already emerged. Just as the best conversationalist is the person who asks the most questions, “Intrinsic Motivation: Interaction as Human Need” (chapter 2) makes it very clear, self expression (in this case techno-expression) is a precursor to student engagement. A blend of the Atelier Model and The Concierge Learning Model would do well to meet this objective, where guided inquiry/expression/production is paired with additional resources for consideration.

I look forward to taking away additional tangible strategies and tools from this program, as well as working with faculty and fellow learners.