Facebook and College GPAs

Attention student, you have a new FB notification! If you MUST check in, chances are you MUST be an underclassman.

“Reynol Junco, an associate professor of education at Iowa State University, collected data from about 1,800 students at a four-year college. He found that students who spent a lot of time on Facebook while also trying to complete assignments tended to get worse grades

The correlation, however, held true only for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Seniors tended to use Facebook less in general. For them, time spent on the site did not correlate negatively with GPA.”

(“Facebook Addiction and GPA”. Steve Kolowich, Wired Campus, The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 21, 2015.)

Are seniors better at FB restraint, or are underclassmen simply more concerned with establishing their new social connections?

Either way, the message to freshmen is reducing your FB time may improve your grades!